Thursday, November 22, 2012


Pon - 20 - Student

Here comes our girl :) This was Pon the last time I saw her (dear, we need a meeting, soon!). It was kinda chilly at that time and we were all so excited about the up-coming winter. But no, the weather cheats us all, it's getting hotter and hotter each day..

Pon was wearing all denim and spikey and had a rock&roll feeling all over it. I just really love the oversized denim jacket of her, the studs are on the sleeves, which is totally different from all of those studded-collar or studded-shoulder that people wear a lot nowadays. I have never been a fan of leopard print to be honest, for me it's "too much". But i like how the pattern is distributed quite randomly but not like stuck at one place or spread all over the outfit :) So hi, let's make friends sometimes leopard print.

That's for now, I need to get back to the never-endling workload..
Bye x

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paisley paisley

Seul Ah - 26 - Student

How was your weekend everyone? :) Sorry we haven't been around as much as we should. I couldn't even meet up with Pon since our schedule clashed with each other every now and then. And mid-term is already here.. Oh well, as a semester 3 student, I shouldn't be this surprise about our Exam Schedule, but I still am..

So I found it very lucky to find this lady at school when I brought my camera AND Pon was with me as well.  We were just accidentally meet each other near the library, and then one second later we saw her passing by and yeah the ritual began haha. I like how easy-going and comfortable the outfit was, with a splash of colorful paisley-pattern of her scarf ( spiced up the whole thing ~ And those brown shoes are too cute!

That's for now. Have a good week people!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me, my, mo

Hi lovelies,

I have never fond of posting and writing about myself on the blog. Therefore I kept postpone those post and stored quite a lot of pictures of me in my laptop. And somehow it comes to the point that I will have to write a post entirely about me, with all the photos left from our photoshoot... Running out of streetstyle photos is definitely not a pleasent thing :( So, eh, bear with me guys..

It's weird how I keep writing about how your personal style will portray your personality, but I really can't define my own style. It has something to do with my mixed characteristics and constant swing mood. Sometimes I want to wear grunge, sometimes french, sometimes preppy.. I got inspired from various source too, mostly music, movies, streetstyle blogs all over the world, comics etc. However overall in my outfits I always want to keep it balance: not too heavy, not too light, not too girly, not too strong (Can you just guess what horoscope I am? Obviously a Libra - the "I need balance in everything" kind of kids!). Ok enough words, here comes awkward photos:

Pretty much casual outfit when we were going out last week. I just want to be as quick as possible since I overslept that day.. So yeah, oxford, ripped jeggings and collar-t shirt would do :)

My outfit at ClubDay. I wore a velvet red dress from Mango. And since girly is never my type, I tried to "man up" (is that even appropriate to use as a girl?) by wearing a striped shirt over it. Those pretty friendship bracelets are gift from my friend, and somehow coincidentally it matched my colorful benie (I'm obsessed with hats and benie now guys..)

Some latest purchase! It's fall now, meaning time for cardigan! So I wore my grandma-like-cardigan, with my My Chemical Romance T shirt (!) and black skinnies. Wearing a rock T-shirt will never completed without some studded leather bracelets, so I wore them too. And ta-dah, here comes my new favourite purchase: the floral laptop case! It's soooo pretty and soft and colorful and just light up everything around it. I even got a discount since I bought it in the Halloween party (remember it? Night of Living Dead) so yeah, extra happiness :D

End of the I-need-to-improve-my-pose post, see ya later x