Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paisley paisley

Seul Ah - 26 - Student

How was your weekend everyone? :) Sorry we haven't been around as much as we should. I couldn't even meet up with Pon since our schedule clashed with each other every now and then. And mid-term is already here.. Oh well, as a semester 3 student, I shouldn't be this surprise about our Exam Schedule, but I still am..

So I found it very lucky to find this lady at school when I brought my camera AND Pon was with me as well.  We were just accidentally meet each other near the library, and then one second later we saw her passing by and yeah the ritual began haha. I like how easy-going and comfortable the outfit was, with a splash of colorful paisley-pattern of her scarf ( spiced up the whole thing ~ And those brown shoes are too cute!

That's for now. Have a good week people!

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