Sunday, August 25, 2013

Not a Back-to-School Post

School is just around the corner for some of you guys and it’s just about time to head back to classes..but it's different in my uni. it's almost exam weeks and still there are many assignments need to be done. so I will not expect to see me or anybody make effort to dress up these days. I can find myself struggle to find something decent to wear and literally throw anything on. Now it's all about comfy clothes.

Linh - student 

This girl just paired funky shorts with a basic white t-shirt (essential top for any girls i must say). I really like basic pieces because accessories can help you dress it up. Linh worn a pair of shoes which matchs her green shorts and makes her standout. I love the way she makes the whole outfit more interesting while still being casual.

       So that's all for today, I can't wait to see more layered looks in our Autumn post.
       Stay tuned guys

Monday, August 19, 2013

Follow the Sweetness

Well honestly, nothing much has been happening except that the end of semester is coming up, which means a great deal of study needs to be done, assignments need to be finished up  and yes, thank you uni for very enjoyable things. But it's not what i'm trying to say here. . I've been thinking to myself that I really need to work hard to catch up with Khoai...(No excuse for being lazy)... so I will continue where i left off.. Wonder if anyone reads this blog anymore...

If you have been around here, you may have noticed we have started posting both HN and Melbourne street style. For me, it's so exciting to see differences between the cultures in the way they express their personality through outfits. In Melbourne, people tend to dress for themselves. Do you see what i mean? like, other people can't dictate how you should wear. No matter what age you are you, can dress whatever you want to and in the way that makes you feel comfortable. And done, that’s it!!! However, you can’t see that in Hanoi due to different cultural values. ok no more denying :3 I finally went out looking for some inspiration and i saw her. 


She wore a light coral lace top which i really adore (feeling girly today lol..) and paired it with a black beret. This is the first time i ask someone for pictures by my own so when she said yes, i was a bit over excited (:">) and totally forgot to take close up pictures of her hat (feeling guilty as I’m not able to show u guys how cute it is). Without sacrificing personal comfort, she finished off her street look with a pair of platform shoes. It seems like platform shoes are still in style…yeahh "Korean wave" has crept into among hanoian youths.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Retro baby

Open Day is the big chance for people to get to know the school and blend in the college atmosphere. I was the volunteer at RMIT Open Day today and the job seriously did kill my foot, but it was fun seeing so many young people and their families going around the campus with loads of cool activities. There are a lot of people that you will just need to look and your instinct will tell that they are the You-Need-To-Take-Their-Photo kind of person. Too bad I was so busy being a volunteer all morning and became totally exhausted after that so could only snap a couple of cool kids.
 I saw her and I immediately following her around trying to capture a good photo (does that sound creepy?). Damn I was too shy to ask for a full outfit photo but finally manage to catch a good part of it. She was wearing a colorful turban matching with her blue hair in some way that just make it look so perfect. Round sunglasses, red lipstick and black platform, going retro is the way baby.

Overalls, yes we are talking about overalls, super baggy overalls. Baggy things usually make you look like swimming in your clothes and incredibly un-cool. And overalls is one of those vintage trend coming back this year that is hard to wear without looking like a farmer. But this girl pull it off with bright crop top, black sneakers and a cap, and looking so effortlessly cool and comfortable. Wanna try this trend yet?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let's stand out

Melbourne's weather is a weird kid. It can be super freezing and gloomy and raining dogs and cats the other day, and all of the sudden become the happiest and cutest princess ever. Funnily that in the weekdays (aka school days, also mean not-so-fun days), it just seems like Ms. Weather also wanna scream "I won't get out of bed" with her grey-ish clouds; and voila, bam, Saturday and it was sunny and birds were chirping and cool wind was blowing. You are such a college student, Weather!

But today was one of her good day and I went to Lost and Found Market. It is a vintage market on Lygon Street. We all know what vintage is, it is that cool hippie effect that makes things look kinda old and artsy. But no, go to a real vintage market like LnF, and you will know Vintage is much more than a cool effect (it still is though) but a step back through time, culture and everything like that. 

But oh well, let's not rambling about it further and jump to our *fashion* part, here is a wonderful lady I saw there: 
 Arggg I know Kimono is the trend now but I have never actually seen someone in real life wearing it (considering it is such a *bam, in your face* piece, let's not be surprise). And this lady just make it so gorgeous and chic. The kimono has such bold and bright color on it, making her really stand out. She paired it with a pair of big round sunglasses, an owl handbag and tone it down with black sandals. The whole outfit brings such a vintage and fabulous vibe to it. So, considering Kimono to be your next statement piece?

And then we went to Melbourne University for a walk and I saw this guy. Needless to say, I was eager to take a photo of his blue, bright onesie. Isn't it fun? That's one thing I feel so strong about Melbourne, people will have fun and don't care about what others might think. You can see the craziest pink hair ever on an old lady or guy in drag queen costume on the street. No big deal, they are having fun!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Camberwell Market

Hi ho !

Okay let's not mention about the taking-a-6-month-break-period of the blog. We really just have no excuse other than being lazy, so, yeah, you know..

But oh well, biggg change, I'm in Melbourne, Australia for a year, starting from now ! One month being here and I am slowly inhaling the life, the street and the art of Melbourne. I feel like you can just walk out of the door and then some of the coolest art shows will pop right out, or sometimes they hid in the secret lanes that only those who dare to explore would have the chance to see. It is the street artists, the graffiti, the random sculpture along the road, and of course, the people. Argg I can just go on and on and on about how people seem to always add a hint of "coolness" in the way they dress and never miss the chance to express it. Needless to say, I am hooked and started taking photos of strangers again.

It was weird when there were the two of us going around Hanoi asking strangers if we could photograph them, and now it is ultra weird and like 100x times more awkward with just me being here and Pon being in Hanoi. I am still working on gathering up enough courage to ask people directly (and compliment their outfits as they deserve!) but uhmmm, still a long way to go, Confindent Khoai. Until then I will just creepily and secretly take photos of cool Melbourne people then (sorry..)

Enough with words, these are from last week from my trip to Camberwell Sunday Market (s-u-p-e-r c-o-o-l, anyone in Melbourne and interested in vintage stuff and thrift clothing should definitely check it out), full of people with amazing style. And here are those that I was able to capture tadahh


Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to School

Tú Tí - Student

Hi we are back (again)! Our semester has just begun for a week and it actually feels good sitting in class, listening to lecturers and meeting friends again after a whole month enjoying the semester break and Tet. So I thought we could do posts about "Back to school" outfits 'cause people tend to be a little bit dressed up in their first week back to school yeah? Still the outfits should be casual and comfortable enough to, you know, have fun with school not worrying about too tight or too flashy clothing :)

And we did found a perfect example for that! I like how he keep everything casual but still have his own way to spice things up. The fun T-shirt (sorry I forgot the name of the show, The Puppet show?) and red belt bring such a fresh, young vibe to the whole outfit. Good job *thumbs up* !


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy birthdayyy

Happy birthday my dear friend!!!

Yes today is Pon - another half of Sweet Disposition's birthday! You are always so pretty and lovely and have been such a wonderful part of this blog, and of course, you have amazing style and all. It's such a pleasure to know you, your photos and "work" with you dear x

Best of luck with everything nhé :D