Saturday, September 29, 2012

Collection Review No.1

Hi all!

Sorry for the late post :( I have been so busy for the whole week and couldn't meet Pon at all, therefore no streetstyle shot was produced (But we will tomorrow yayaya!). Anw as I have said before, I want to do some new things for the blog. And I decided to do some collection review. Bear with me guys, I have no knowledge about fashion. At all! I have read quite a lot fashion blogs where they provide like tons of information and sharp critics about each collections, and they zoom at the cut, the sew-line, and like every-little-detail of every-single-piece of every-single-collection (uhm no that's me exaggerating), and I really admire them to have so much knowledge about that. But sadly, I don't. I will just say that I like this, I like that, but most of all it's all about personal preference and personality that influence my liking. So, again, bear with me...

So, I have been watched a lot of collections in Fashion Week (yes, via internet, oh good lord internet). Have you seen the colorful, wonderful, awesome, super Summer/Spring13 from Marc by Marc Jacobs? Or the "glow-in-the-dark" collection by Alexander Wang? Or the leather-ly Proenza Schouler? Wow it's like yeah, hello, this is a wonderful start of your whole another season of drooling for fashion. But well I think most people have already known about that (and well they have passed for more than a week already.. told you I'm late). For the most recent collection, here are the two that I really like: 

1. Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji will never stop staying so effing cool. The whole SS13 Ready-to-wear collection is like a statement of ultra-coolness. Using very basic, bold color and flowing-kind of cloth (sheer, even veil~ which reminds me of Corpse Bride) and then change completely to millitary coolness. I really like those super huge necklaces, and the half-short-half-normal jacket. It's not something mind-blowing or really shocking, but it casts a "You need to be cool forever" spell on you, and you will be enchanted with the vibe so much that make you want to walk outside, wear black sheer and huge necklace, and be badass.

All images from

2. Julien David
I don't like some piece in the collection, some of them are just really normal and not that much interesting to see. But then some really stand out, here are some of my favourite:
All images from
The theme is intersting: Spoiled Child. You can see the very "School Rebel" spirit in here, from the long bang, messy hair of the model to the "I don't give a fuck" attitude comes from the collection. The way he matched a girly dress/ skirt and suit UNDER the basketball-type-tank-top is really refreshing for me. Some more awesome print (can you see it? silver spoons as in "born with one in your mouth") and cut-out vest. My favorite are those sister/bff dresses: the first couple with very YSL Mondrian Dress's nostalgic vibe; and the second pale color with doodle dresses. They kinda reminds me of my favourite BFF-character of all time in Ghost World:

Or the Shinning twin:

Yeah this is creepy..

Well what I want to say from all those "remind-me-of" thingy is that, you should take fashion personally. "I like this one because it have some meaningful story behind it (or sometimes not meaningful at all, just because it reminds me of something I like!)".. stuff like that. Don't wear something because everyone else has it. Yeah?

So ta dah that's the end of my very first collection review (Well, mine is not exactly something that cool...). Currently I'm also lusting over Simone Rocha's collection, OH GOSH:
Images from
Anw, we will come back shortly with streetstyle snapshots!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

La moustache

Khoai - 19 - Student

Oh hi..

So this is me, Khoai and my outfit from the shoot last week. I was trying to put on something "French" and "cute" (Wow it IS weird when you talk about yourself like that). The outfit is quite simple, but I rarely wear skirt/ dress so it's quite new for me. I wore a striped shirt, a white skirt that was cut off from a dress and Alexa bag; I also added some touches like the moustache necklace and a friendship bracelet to make the outfit more interesting :")

Ouch we are running out of streetstyle photos, gotta go out and photograph moreee! And will you enjoy some amateur fashion collection reviews? ;)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer breeze

Chiyo - Tourist from Japan

As a tourist, when you have to walk and walk and walk under the 30C heat of Hanoi; what will you wear? While we were wandering around the center area, I realized that in a city like this, people (especially tourists) will put the "fashion factor" as the last-thing-we-should-care-about. Flip-flops, t-shirts, shorts and a full backpack and voila, you got the "stadard tourist outfit". But then everyone will look the same! That's why I really enjoy seeing someone like Chiyo: adding her own color to spice up the outfit. Strap-hat, pastel trousers, blue leather bag.. It's so cute and simple and feels like a gentle breeze lingering in Hanoi's air~

Oh and here is a bonus photo tee hee. If we meet you on the street and (nervously) ask to photograph you, this is what you will receive:
Handmade with loveeeee x
  We hope that we can send this as much as we can. So let's be you and wear whatever you want and fate will bring us together haha.

Bye x

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Look at the star, look how they shine for you

Photos taken by Khoai
Pon - 20 - Student

So this is the first officiall post that we reveal ourselves hehe. This is Pon, our pretty photographer. She was wearing a oversize galaxy-print t shirt and ripped jeans. Matched them with a cute little black bag and ton-sur-ton brecelet. It was a hot day when we went out to take photos (yeah fall hasn't really come yet..), so the little bun and eye-catching outfit was the best choice I think =)

Anw, happy weekend people x

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cool kid in town

Photo taken by Pon

Trang - 20 - Art student

Oh how I love people expressing themselves through clothes! Me and Pon were walking around looking for interesting style yesterday when we saw Trang and we were like: "OMG that girl is so cool we have to photograph her yes yes yes!!!". Those pants are like: funky pattern inside, sheer outside (Yeah how rare is THAT?). Cool creepers, cool earings... everything just worked so well together to bring out the black-and-white-theme on her overall outfit - which is so unique and really did make her stand out from the crowd!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free bird

Photo taken by Khoai
Sui - 19 - Student

Heyyyyy exams are so overrrrr! We will get 3 weeks off before the next semester begins, and I am having in my mind tons of things that I want to do on the blog. So prepare for some (cool) new things!

I took the photo above of my friend Sui about a weak ago. Sui is the kind of girl who you will get attracted to at the first place with her humour, her awesome photos, her endless roadtrips... and her very own style too. The colour and print on her dress and bag are so fun and spontaneous and all. The overall combination was really cool and has done a perfect job presenting Sui's personality.

That leads me to something I have wanted to say for a long time. You know that feeling when you see an outfit, and then immediately think of someone you know that would match the outfit so well? Maybe it would take something more personal than just clothes, sometimes you have to know the person, but sometimes their personalities just shine from whatever they do, and reflect clearly on what they wear. And that's what so great about personal style, you know, it IS who we are; or at least, it represents who we are and shows it to the world. It's also scary to show who you really are, actually it's not anything near "easy". I think it would take a lot of courage (or even think skin) to do so. But why would you want to be something you don't want to be (oh hello weird question)? So take the lesson from the coolest lady ever Iris Apfel, and stop caring about what people might think and say about you, let them know who you are. (Pssshh, let me tell you a secret, they are just afraid and admire people who can dress differently. Lesson learnt from Youtube videos for weird teenagers!)

Well I hope that's something which can inspire you (and myself) to just simply be (and wear) what you want to be. I'm on that journey too! Also wondering every morning "Will they laugh at my outfit?" and struggling to stay true. So no worries, you have a partner here x

That's for now,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the strangers

The earing

Lovely hat
Sitting at school and studying for final just make me crave for walking around the city moreee. Sadly this is the last post until next week, when the finals are all over :-( Please don't forget us, we will come back stronger and better!

Good luck on your exam guys ~

Au revoir ~


Sunday, September 9, 2012

shoes shoes shoes

Haha jk. There are posts on Sundays: the collection of shoes ~

What do you think about shoes? Are they important for the whole outfit? Or just some extra features? Since me and Pon are both university students, we don't really have time going around the city and photograph people (We will do it when the finals are over though! Wait for us!), so most of the people we photographed are students at the same age like us. We students have to run from class to class, then library, then meet up with friends.. therefore it's hard to wear killer and to-die-for heels and such. But we have our own style for shoes: comfortable, young, fresh.. you name it!

A couple! You can see that just by looking at the shoes right? How interesting is that? Even the pose are similar  ;)

Cute :-)



Shoes we have posted ~
That's it for today. How is your weekend guys? Let's relax and then have a super week ~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 

Bye for now,

Friday, September 7, 2012

the rolls

Photo taken by Pon
Hoang - Student - 19

Fashion week begins! I have been jumping up and down and drooling over every photos updating about the stylish atmosphere in New York, especially streetstyle. Oh I wish I could be there, just standing and breathing would be satisfying enough..

Yeah but you know, fashion is everywhere around you, and I'm sure that I can find my own little streetstyle world right here :-) Like this guy from our university. The mix seems simple: stripes T shirt, deep blue jeans, combat boots... Yet the red- blue snapback pulled off a fun and exciting effect on the overall outfit. And I really like those rolls of his jeans, the different shades of blue match perfectly with the deep brown color of those boots (The boots are really nice too! Such clean shape ~)

Anw it's Friday! Have a good weekend people :-)


Thursday, September 6, 2012

let's dress up

Photo taken by Pon

Phuong Anh - Student - 17

It was raining in Hanoi, so despite of all those ugly things about raining (you know, boring gloomy sky, wet roads...), we have the perfect Hanoi's autumn: cool, lovely, gentle (how can the weather be gentle? I don't know, I just.. feel it). Ah ~ so the invasion of cardigan, light scarf, light coat and especially layer-style is coming. I'm excited ~ What about you?

Yeah but before that, can we just appreciate this awesome outfit from Phuong Anh? It's hard to dress well at school. It's maybe just me, but I always have a hard time trying to decide what to wear in the morning, when time is extremely limited (Oh early classes, I hate you). So people rarely wear something a little bit different here. And there was this girl, red mullet dress, nice gold necklace and lovely hair. Those cut outs are an intersting touch too <3 I love seeing people who make an effort to dress well :-)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

lazy days

Photo taken by Pon
Duc Anh - Student - 18

I have seen a lot of corlorful pants on girls, but boys wearing ones are quite rare. Yet we met this boy at school and immediately knew that we had to photograph him. The whole outfit looks so comfortable and effortless, but still fun and interesting with the bright color of those pants. I always have a thing for stripes and denim; so the mix, as you can see here: stripe tank top, denim shirts, deep brown bag and baggy pink shorts; is just great to look at :)

Will YOU wear colorful pants, guys?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the cut

Photo taken by Pon

Louis - Students from Melbourne - 18

Fall is coming near, with its lovely breeze and clear sky, yet Hanoi's summer is still around actually. And in one of the fall-but-still-hot-as-hell days like that, we met this cool guy, more "summery" than ever. DIY top (I didn't ask, but I assumed that it's a DIY product, look at the cut!) and deep red shorts, that's it! Too simple you may say, but come on, who would wear layers under the heat of Hanoi? And I really like his top: Johnny Depp and bold, big cut. For me it's refreshing and full of youth~ What do you think? :)


Monday, September 3, 2012

ripped jeans

Photographed by Pon

Hiếu - Student - 20

Ripped jeans are definitely not dead! Actually I think they are coming back quite strong this year since the grunge/ rock style with studs and shredded, ripped clothes is becoming the trend. Anyway let's talk about this cool outfit, shall we? He pulled off a basic white T shirt with grey ripped jeans, making the "cool effect" on the overall outfit (Don't you think guys look best in simple style like this?). Not to mention the necklace, the watch, the ring and the headphones - a combination of "simple yet effective"-ness. Those blue kicks also made an important role here, adding some color to the grey-white tone. Only three words are needed: simple, cool and strong ~


Sunday, September 2, 2012

pretty in pink

Photographed by Pon
Cam Ly - Student - 20

What do you think about pink? Pink is all about feminine and girly and this girl is a sweet example of it. Look at how effortless the top is tucked slightly in her mini jupe! I like her necklace, which adds an interesting effect on the whole outfit, yet blends well with the tone color of pink and gold. Pon loves her shoes, with the cute tiny bows and its "thing" (sometimes you will run out of word to tell something by name, but you understand me, right?..).

She was the first one who let us photograph, and she smiled and laughed a lot and made it so easy for us, who were both so shy and nervous about our first shoot. Thank you very much, Ly :) Hope we can see more great outfit from you.