Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy birthdayyy

Happy birthday my dear friend!!!

Yes today is Pon - another half of Sweet Disposition's birthday! You are always so pretty and lovely and have been such a wonderful part of this blog, and of course, you have amazing style and all. It's such a pleasure to know you, your photos and "work" with you dear x

Best of luck with everything nhé :D


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogs that I love [Part 1]

Two or three years ago, I started reading fashion blogs. It was totally new and exciting for me to see and read and know about such a different world. Those blogs have inspired me so much, in both fashion and life wise. I don't know if many people have known and have read fashion blogs in Vietnam, but if you haven't, you totally should try guys. But I'm warning you guys, they are really addictive (I have spent nights browsing more and more for cool outfits, so trust me on this...). But why not yeah? So I will start by sharing some of my top favourite blogs, streetstyle, personal style, lifestyle or any blogs that I find really interesting and should-be-shared. If you have read any blogs that you find awesome, please share with us! The awesome feeling of finding a new perfect blog is just legend-wait for it-daryyyyy!

1. Vanessa Jackman

I assume that most of you have known about The Satoralist, Garance Dore, Tommy Ton (if you don't, then you seriously have to check them out, they are like... the kings of streetstyle blogs) so I will start talking about others than those perfect three.

I love streetstyle blogs (duh!) and Vanessa Jackman's is one of my top favourite. Her photos always have that unique vibe which is so lovely just to look at. It is probarly the result of film photography (which I totally adore) and just pure talent of capturing moments. Her blog's style is about being girly, chic and perfectly simple. Ah such beauty ~

All photos are from Vanessa Jackman
2. Hoyasnap

Just the best Korean streetstyle blog ever. No big deal.

All photos are from hoyasnap
 3. On the move
Yay for Vietnamese blog! On the move was a Lam Boutique's blog about streetstyle in Saigon. I have been a fan of Lam's style, very vintage, "zen" and basic, and perfectly comfortable; so their blog inherits those values very well.

All photos are from

4. Advanced Style
And the last blog of part 1 I want to show you is this very much unique blog Advanced Style. Where in the world can you find such fabulous and timeless beauty. The blog is the perfect collection of "the most stylish and creative older folks". Well, let the photos speak by their own:

All photos are from Advanced Style

Woo such a long post, I hope you enjoy this :D Part 2 will be about personal style and consist of many stylish kids, so don't miss it!

Bye for now x

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black and Green

Long - Student

Everyone knows that military is still in the trend yeah? In my opinion even when it is "out of fashion", military is still a perfect choice, especially for boys. It makes guys look more masculine, strong and cool (I know I use the term "cool" too much, sorry for my lack of vocabulary...)!

It's pretty much simple. You put on the warm thick coat, pair of black jeans and leather boots, and voila! Long also put on a simple bracelet, which compliments the outfit very well =) So guys, go military!

Khoai x

Friday, January 18, 2013

Casual with a twist

Kim - Owner of Chocolate on Cashmere

If you are interested in the fashion blog world in Vietnam, you probarly have heard about this cool girl. She is Kim Nguyen, the owner of the personal style blog Chocolate on Cashmere and have been featured on Kenh14, Teenvogue etc. I have known Kim for quite a while but we have never actually met, so I was really excited when we accidentally saw her at La Place in our last "blog-trip". And yes, totally fall in love with her outfit!

As Kim has said in her blog, her style is "casual with a twist". I really like how she balance feminine and boyish element in her style. The oversize denim jacket, the leather skirt with leather shoes have a very "cool" tone in it, and they are mixed with a classic layer of button-up white shirt and sweater. No wonder this girl stand out :)

That's for now, bye x

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are backkk

Duong - Second year student

So yessss we are back now guys, after almost 3 months of hiatus... Sorry but exams and assignments were killing us for the longest time ever, but finally sem break is here a.k.a back to blogging! So Pon and I start grabbing our cameras and hunting on the street again yayy.

I like how "clean" and neat Duong's outfit look, each layers compliment the next layer very well, completed with jeans and a pair of very cool black leather shoes. Not too casual, not too formal, really easy and effective mix in this kind of chilly weather in Hanoi. And hell yeah he looks cool!

Btw along with our "come back", I also want to want to improve the blog a little. As in streetstyle photos like this, do you want detail about the outfit. Like, those shoes were bought from Charlott Shop, that shirt was from H&M etc. Personally I don't really remember where I bought my clothes, and almost all of mine are unbranded so I don't find it neccessary to do so. But I guess others are different, and with those detail you can find the similar item if you saw and like them in our photos. So yeah? Do you want it? Please leave a comment below and tell us!

Oh and second thing, anyone want us to write in both English and Vietnamese? It would be easier to follow I think :D

Bye for now