Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to School

Tú Tí - Student

Hi we are back (again)! Our semester has just begun for a week and it actually feels good sitting in class, listening to lecturers and meeting friends again after a whole month enjoying the semester break and Tet. So I thought we could do posts about "Back to school" outfits 'cause people tend to be a little bit dressed up in their first week back to school yeah? Still the outfits should be casual and comfortable enough to, you know, have fun with school not worrying about too tight or too flashy clothing :)

And we did found a perfect example for that! I like how he keep everything casual but still have his own way to spice things up. The fun T-shirt (sorry I forgot the name of the show, The Puppet show?) and red belt bring such a fresh, young vibe to the whole outfit. Good job *thumbs up* !


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  1. I like the style of your blog a lot.