Friday, August 2, 2013

Camberwell Market

Hi ho !

Okay let's not mention about the taking-a-6-month-break-period of the blog. We really just have no excuse other than being lazy, so, yeah, you know..

But oh well, biggg change, I'm in Melbourne, Australia for a year, starting from now ! One month being here and I am slowly inhaling the life, the street and the art of Melbourne. I feel like you can just walk out of the door and then some of the coolest art shows will pop right out, or sometimes they hid in the secret lanes that only those who dare to explore would have the chance to see. It is the street artists, the graffiti, the random sculpture along the road, and of course, the people. Argg I can just go on and on and on about how people seem to always add a hint of "coolness" in the way they dress and never miss the chance to express it. Needless to say, I am hooked and started taking photos of strangers again.

It was weird when there were the two of us going around Hanoi asking strangers if we could photograph them, and now it is ultra weird and like 100x times more awkward with just me being here and Pon being in Hanoi. I am still working on gathering up enough courage to ask people directly (and compliment their outfits as they deserve!) but uhmmm, still a long way to go, Confindent Khoai. Until then I will just creepily and secretly take photos of cool Melbourne people then (sorry..)

Enough with words, these are from last week from my trip to Camberwell Sunday Market (s-u-p-e-r c-o-o-l, anyone in Melbourne and interested in vintage stuff and thrift clothing should definitely check it out), full of people with amazing style. And here are those that I was able to capture tadahh


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