Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogs that I love [Part 1]

Two or three years ago, I started reading fashion blogs. It was totally new and exciting for me to see and read and know about such a different world. Those blogs have inspired me so much, in both fashion and life wise. I don't know if many people have known and have read fashion blogs in Vietnam, but if you haven't, you totally should try guys. But I'm warning you guys, they are really addictive (I have spent nights browsing more and more for cool outfits, so trust me on this...). But why not yeah? So I will start by sharing some of my top favourite blogs, streetstyle, personal style, lifestyle or any blogs that I find really interesting and should-be-shared. If you have read any blogs that you find awesome, please share with us! The awesome feeling of finding a new perfect blog is just legend-wait for it-daryyyyy!

1. Vanessa Jackman

I assume that most of you have known about The Satoralist, Garance Dore, Tommy Ton (if you don't, then you seriously have to check them out, they are like... the kings of streetstyle blogs) so I will start talking about others than those perfect three.

I love streetstyle blogs (duh!) and Vanessa Jackman's is one of my top favourite. Her photos always have that unique vibe which is so lovely just to look at. It is probarly the result of film photography (which I totally adore) and just pure talent of capturing moments. Her blog's style is about being girly, chic and perfectly simple. Ah such beauty ~

All photos are from Vanessa Jackman
2. Hoyasnap

Just the best Korean streetstyle blog ever. No big deal.

All photos are from hoyasnap
 3. On the move
Yay for Vietnamese blog! On the move was a Lam Boutique's blog about streetstyle in Saigon. I have been a fan of Lam's style, very vintage, "zen" and basic, and perfectly comfortable; so their blog inherits those values very well.

All photos are from

4. Advanced Style
And the last blog of part 1 I want to show you is this very much unique blog Advanced Style. Where in the world can you find such fabulous and timeless beauty. The blog is the perfect collection of "the most stylish and creative older folks". Well, let the photos speak by their own:

All photos are from Advanced Style

Woo such a long post, I hope you enjoy this :D Part 2 will be about personal style and consist of many stylish kids, so don't miss it!

Bye for now x

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