Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are backkk

Duong - Second year student

So yessss we are back now guys, after almost 3 months of hiatus... Sorry but exams and assignments were killing us for the longest time ever, but finally sem break is here a.k.a back to blogging! So Pon and I start grabbing our cameras and hunting on the street again yayy.

I like how "clean" and neat Duong's outfit look, each layers compliment the next layer very well, completed with jeans and a pair of very cool black leather shoes. Not too casual, not too formal, really easy and effective mix in this kind of chilly weather in Hanoi. And hell yeah he looks cool!

Btw along with our "come back", I also want to want to improve the blog a little. As in streetstyle photos like this, do you want detail about the outfit. Like, those shoes were bought from Charlott Shop, that shirt was from H&M etc. Personally I don't really remember where I bought my clothes, and almost all of mine are unbranded so I don't find it neccessary to do so. But I guess others are different, and with those detail you can find the similar item if you saw and like them in our photos. So yeah? Do you want it? Please leave a comment below and tell us!

Oh and second thing, anyone want us to write in both English and Vietnamese? It would be easier to follow I think :D

Bye for now

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  1. Or ..we can ask Q like "Where do u get your style inspiration?" :3 much easier to collect info I guess :P