Friday, January 18, 2013

Casual with a twist

Kim - Owner of Chocolate on Cashmere

If you are interested in the fashion blog world in Vietnam, you probarly have heard about this cool girl. She is Kim Nguyen, the owner of the personal style blog Chocolate on Cashmere and have been featured on Kenh14, Teenvogue etc. I have known Kim for quite a while but we have never actually met, so I was really excited when we accidentally saw her at La Place in our last "blog-trip". And yes, totally fall in love with her outfit!

As Kim has said in her blog, her style is "casual with a twist". I really like how she balance feminine and boyish element in her style. The oversize denim jacket, the leather skirt with leather shoes have a very "cool" tone in it, and they are mixed with a classic layer of button-up white shirt and sweater. No wonder this girl stand out :)

That's for now, bye x


  1. Love the denim jacket x