Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let's stand out

Melbourne's weather is a weird kid. It can be super freezing and gloomy and raining dogs and cats the other day, and all of the sudden become the happiest and cutest princess ever. Funnily that in the weekdays (aka school days, also mean not-so-fun days), it just seems like Ms. Weather also wanna scream "I won't get out of bed" with her grey-ish clouds; and voila, bam, Saturday and it was sunny and birds were chirping and cool wind was blowing. You are such a college student, Weather!

But today was one of her good day and I went to Lost and Found Market. It is a vintage market on Lygon Street. We all know what vintage is, it is that cool hippie effect that makes things look kinda old and artsy. But no, go to a real vintage market like LnF, and you will know Vintage is much more than a cool effect (it still is though) but a step back through time, culture and everything like that. 

But oh well, let's not rambling about it further and jump to our *fashion* part, here is a wonderful lady I saw there: 
 Arggg I know Kimono is the trend now but I have never actually seen someone in real life wearing it (considering it is such a *bam, in your face* piece, let's not be surprise). And this lady just make it so gorgeous and chic. The kimono has such bold and bright color on it, making her really stand out. She paired it with a pair of big round sunglasses, an owl handbag and tone it down with black sandals. The whole outfit brings such a vintage and fabulous vibe to it. So, considering Kimono to be your next statement piece?

And then we went to Melbourne University for a walk and I saw this guy. Needless to say, I was eager to take a photo of his blue, bright onesie. Isn't it fun? That's one thing I feel so strong about Melbourne, people will have fun and don't care about what others might think. You can see the craziest pink hair ever on an old lady or guy in drag queen costume on the street. No big deal, they are having fun!

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