Monday, August 19, 2013

Follow the Sweetness

Well honestly, nothing much has been happening except that the end of semester is coming up, which means a great deal of study needs to be done, assignments need to be finished up  and yes, thank you uni for very enjoyable things. But it's not what i'm trying to say here. . I've been thinking to myself that I really need to work hard to catch up with Khoai...(No excuse for being lazy)... so I will continue where i left off.. Wonder if anyone reads this blog anymore...

If you have been around here, you may have noticed we have started posting both HN and Melbourne street style. For me, it's so exciting to see differences between the cultures in the way they express their personality through outfits. In Melbourne, people tend to dress for themselves. Do you see what i mean? like, other people can't dictate how you should wear. No matter what age you are you, can dress whatever you want to and in the way that makes you feel comfortable. And done, that’s it!!! However, you can’t see that in Hanoi due to different cultural values. ok no more denying :3 I finally went out looking for some inspiration and i saw her. 


She wore a light coral lace top which i really adore (feeling girly today lol..) and paired it with a black beret. This is the first time i ask someone for pictures by my own so when she said yes, i was a bit over excited (:">) and totally forgot to take close up pictures of her hat (feeling guilty as I’m not able to show u guys how cute it is). Without sacrificing personal comfort, she finished off her street look with a pair of platform shoes. It seems like platform shoes are still in style…yeahh "Korean wave" has crept into among hanoian youths.


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  1. Her outfit is very cute.