Sunday, August 11, 2013

Retro baby

Open Day is the big chance for people to get to know the school and blend in the college atmosphere. I was the volunteer at RMIT Open Day today and the job seriously did kill my foot, but it was fun seeing so many young people and their families going around the campus with loads of cool activities. There are a lot of people that you will just need to look and your instinct will tell that they are the You-Need-To-Take-Their-Photo kind of person. Too bad I was so busy being a volunteer all morning and became totally exhausted after that so could only snap a couple of cool kids.
 I saw her and I immediately following her around trying to capture a good photo (does that sound creepy?). Damn I was too shy to ask for a full outfit photo but finally manage to catch a good part of it. She was wearing a colorful turban matching with her blue hair in some way that just make it look so perfect. Round sunglasses, red lipstick and black platform, going retro is the way baby.

Overalls, yes we are talking about overalls, super baggy overalls. Baggy things usually make you look like swimming in your clothes and incredibly un-cool. And overalls is one of those vintage trend coming back this year that is hard to wear without looking like a farmer. But this girl pull it off with bright crop top, black sneakers and a cap, and looking so effortlessly cool and comfortable. Wanna try this trend yet?

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