Thursday, September 6, 2012

let's dress up

Photo taken by Pon

Phuong Anh - Student - 17

It was raining in Hanoi, so despite of all those ugly things about raining (you know, boring gloomy sky, wet roads...), we have the perfect Hanoi's autumn: cool, lovely, gentle (how can the weather be gentle? I don't know, I just.. feel it). Ah ~ so the invasion of cardigan, light scarf, light coat and especially layer-style is coming. I'm excited ~ What about you?

Yeah but before that, can we just appreciate this awesome outfit from Phuong Anh? It's hard to dress well at school. It's maybe just me, but I always have a hard time trying to decide what to wear in the morning, when time is extremely limited (Oh early classes, I hate you). So people rarely wear something a little bit different here. And there was this girl, red mullet dress, nice gold necklace and lovely hair. Those cut outs are an intersting touch too <3 I love seeing people who make an effort to dress well :-)



  1. good piece of descriptive writing on personal feelings and fashion ;) Keep up the good work.