Friday, September 7, 2012

the rolls

Photo taken by Pon
Hoang - Student - 19

Fashion week begins! I have been jumping up and down and drooling over every photos updating about the stylish atmosphere in New York, especially streetstyle. Oh I wish I could be there, just standing and breathing would be satisfying enough..

Yeah but you know, fashion is everywhere around you, and I'm sure that I can find my own little streetstyle world right here :-) Like this guy from our university. The mix seems simple: stripes T shirt, deep blue jeans, combat boots... Yet the red- blue snapback pulled off a fun and exciting effect on the overall outfit. And I really like those rolls of his jeans, the different shades of blue match perfectly with the deep brown color of those boots (The boots are really nice too! Such clean shape ~)

Anw it's Friday! Have a good weekend people :-)


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