Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free bird

Photo taken by Khoai
Sui - 19 - Student

Heyyyyy exams are so overrrrr! We will get 3 weeks off before the next semester begins, and I am having in my mind tons of things that I want to do on the blog. So prepare for some (cool) new things!

I took the photo above of my friend Sui about a weak ago. Sui is the kind of girl who you will get attracted to at the first place with her humour, her awesome photos, her endless roadtrips... and her very own style too. The colour and print on her dress and bag are so fun and spontaneous and all. The overall combination was really cool and has done a perfect job presenting Sui's personality.

That leads me to something I have wanted to say for a long time. You know that feeling when you see an outfit, and then immediately think of someone you know that would match the outfit so well? Maybe it would take something more personal than just clothes, sometimes you have to know the person, but sometimes their personalities just shine from whatever they do, and reflect clearly on what they wear. And that's what so great about personal style, you know, it IS who we are; or at least, it represents who we are and shows it to the world. It's also scary to show who you really are, actually it's not anything near "easy". I think it would take a lot of courage (or even think skin) to do so. But why would you want to be something you don't want to be (oh hello weird question)? So take the lesson from the coolest lady ever Iris Apfel, and stop caring about what people might think and say about you, let them know who you are. (Pssshh, let me tell you a secret, they are just afraid and admire people who can dress differently. Lesson learnt from Youtube videos for weird teenagers!)

Well I hope that's something which can inspire you (and myself) to just simply be (and wear) what you want to be. I'm on that journey too! Also wondering every morning "Will they laugh at my outfit?" and struggling to stay true. So no worries, you have a partner here x

That's for now,

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