Monday, September 3, 2012

ripped jeans

Photographed by Pon

Hiếu - Student - 20

Ripped jeans are definitely not dead! Actually I think they are coming back quite strong this year since the grunge/ rock style with studs and shredded, ripped clothes is becoming the trend. Anyway let's talk about this cool outfit, shall we? He pulled off a basic white T shirt with grey ripped jeans, making the "cool effect" on the overall outfit (Don't you think guys look best in simple style like this?). Not to mention the necklace, the watch, the ring and the headphones - a combination of "simple yet effective"-ness. Those blue kicks also made an important role here, adding some color to the grey-white tone. Only three words are needed: simple, cool and strong ~



  1. me gusta what he wears on his neck ;)

    1. Haha yeah right? Who doesn't want a pair of Beats? High quality and fashionable ~