Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer breeze

Chiyo - Tourist from Japan

As a tourist, when you have to walk and walk and walk under the 30C heat of Hanoi; what will you wear? While we were wandering around the center area, I realized that in a city like this, people (especially tourists) will put the "fashion factor" as the last-thing-we-should-care-about. Flip-flops, t-shirts, shorts and a full backpack and voila, you got the "stadard tourist outfit". But then everyone will look the same! That's why I really enjoy seeing someone like Chiyo: adding her own color to spice up the outfit. Strap-hat, pastel trousers, blue leather bag.. It's so cute and simple and feels like a gentle breeze lingering in Hanoi's air~

Oh and here is a bonus photo tee hee. If we meet you on the street and (nervously) ask to photograph you, this is what you will receive:
Handmade with loveeeee x
  We hope that we can send this as much as we can. So let's be you and wear whatever you want and fate will bring us together haha.

Bye x

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