Saturday, September 29, 2012

Collection Review No.1

Hi all!

Sorry for the late post :( I have been so busy for the whole week and couldn't meet Pon at all, therefore no streetstyle shot was produced (But we will tomorrow yayaya!). Anw as I have said before, I want to do some new things for the blog. And I decided to do some collection review. Bear with me guys, I have no knowledge about fashion. At all! I have read quite a lot fashion blogs where they provide like tons of information and sharp critics about each collections, and they zoom at the cut, the sew-line, and like every-little-detail of every-single-piece of every-single-collection (uhm no that's me exaggerating), and I really admire them to have so much knowledge about that. But sadly, I don't. I will just say that I like this, I like that, but most of all it's all about personal preference and personality that influence my liking. So, again, bear with me...

So, I have been watched a lot of collections in Fashion Week (yes, via internet, oh good lord internet). Have you seen the colorful, wonderful, awesome, super Summer/Spring13 from Marc by Marc Jacobs? Or the "glow-in-the-dark" collection by Alexander Wang? Or the leather-ly Proenza Schouler? Wow it's like yeah, hello, this is a wonderful start of your whole another season of drooling for fashion. But well I think most people have already known about that (and well they have passed for more than a week already.. told you I'm late). For the most recent collection, here are the two that I really like: 

1. Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji will never stop staying so effing cool. The whole SS13 Ready-to-wear collection is like a statement of ultra-coolness. Using very basic, bold color and flowing-kind of cloth (sheer, even veil~ which reminds me of Corpse Bride) and then change completely to millitary coolness. I really like those super huge necklaces, and the half-short-half-normal jacket. It's not something mind-blowing or really shocking, but it casts a "You need to be cool forever" spell on you, and you will be enchanted with the vibe so much that make you want to walk outside, wear black sheer and huge necklace, and be badass.

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2. Julien David
I don't like some piece in the collection, some of them are just really normal and not that much interesting to see. But then some really stand out, here are some of my favourite:
All images from
The theme is intersting: Spoiled Child. You can see the very "School Rebel" spirit in here, from the long bang, messy hair of the model to the "I don't give a fuck" attitude comes from the collection. The way he matched a girly dress/ skirt and suit UNDER the basketball-type-tank-top is really refreshing for me. Some more awesome print (can you see it? silver spoons as in "born with one in your mouth") and cut-out vest. My favorite are those sister/bff dresses: the first couple with very YSL Mondrian Dress's nostalgic vibe; and the second pale color with doodle dresses. They kinda reminds me of my favourite BFF-character of all time in Ghost World:

Or the Shinning twin:

Yeah this is creepy..

Well what I want to say from all those "remind-me-of" thingy is that, you should take fashion personally. "I like this one because it have some meaningful story behind it (or sometimes not meaningful at all, just because it reminds me of something I like!)".. stuff like that. Don't wear something because everyone else has it. Yeah?

So ta dah that's the end of my very first collection review (Well, mine is not exactly something that cool...). Currently I'm also lusting over Simone Rocha's collection, OH GOSH:
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Anw, we will come back shortly with streetstyle snapshots!

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