Saturday, September 1, 2012

About us

Hello world, welcome to Sweet Disposition!

We are Khoai and Pon, two students from Hanoi, Vietnam. We share the same interest in Fashion and Photography; and that's how this blog is born. We capture daily style of people in our little city, from our university to the dusty streets of Hanoi, from young lads to fashionable women.. since fashion comes from all ages and sizes. This is to show how people these day express their own unique self through clothes.

Let's start the journey, shall we?

If you have any question or and feedback, we are happy to receive them, so feel free to contact us at: (Khoai)



  1. Hi dear,

    Cute blog ^^ Keep up the energy! <3

    I haven't been back to Hanoi in awhile so it's great to see how more stylish the city has gotten!


    1. Ahhh I can't believe that you actually follow our blog! You are like a fashion icon for me so this is such a great great great pleasure!

      And we will try our best to capture the stylish Hanoi :D

      Thank you again x