Tuesday, September 25, 2012

La moustache

Khoai - 19 - Student

Oh hi..

So this is me, Khoai and my outfit from the shoot last week. I was trying to put on something "French" and "cute" (Wow it IS weird when you talk about yourself like that). The outfit is quite simple, but I rarely wear skirt/ dress so it's quite new for me. I wore a striped shirt, a white skirt that was cut off from a dress and Alexa bag; I also added some touches like the moustache necklace and a friendship bracelet to make the outfit more interesting :")

Ouch we are running out of streetstyle photos, gotta go out and photograph moreee! And will you enjoy some amateur fashion collection reviews? ;)



  1. so cute !!! :x

  2. you are gorgeous! thank you so much for following! I don't follow many street style-esque blogs but I really love yours!