Monday, October 1, 2012

The most important ingredient

Photos taken by us
Duong - 15 - Student

So yeah we finally had a chance to meet each other and went out for shooting~ And as expected in Mid-Autumn Festival, there were lots and lots of people in the street, in the mall, in cinema etc.. However it's not that easy to find real stylish kids. But since we are professional hunters (who still have to walk like 5 rounds to gain courage to ask someone for photos), we still did teehee *proud*.

Here is one of them. When he said he was 15 years old, me and Pon exchanged secret thought "Oh kids these day are so cool, we must be really old..." Just look at the boy! He wore sort of casual yet elegant outfit with beige shirt, black blazer, brown satchel and clock. But then BAM, those spikey shoes made the outfit stand out from the rest. It's like adding the most important ingredient to the mix, and make it real awesome!

So yesterday after walking around we took at rest at Boo&Kusa to try out some Crepe~ You will pick 4 ingredients for your own crepe and they will put it in for you. Except for the fact that the staff seemed to be quite slow in making crepes, and there was no wind in the air (damn you weatherrrr); it's really good: the crepes are pretty good, the store is really cute and you can watch the road from the second floor :D

That's for now, happy October people x



  1. lol it's me trying to handle the melted crepe... sticky ice cream dripped all over our hands,table and even our camera straps T^T.

  2. once it's crepe, you have to eat it with speed ;))

  3. I'm sort of being into his light brown tiny shoulder bag. It would be a mercy if you had any picture capturing it.