Friday, October 26, 2012

Cobalt Love

Nhi - 16

Blue cobalt is the new black! I have always love how fresh, classic and ocean-like that tone of blue is. Nhi pull out a very classic outfit with the blue cobalt dress as the main piece. It's not photographed in here, but there are studded around the neck-line of the dress to give a more modern, edgy look. She mixed the dress very well with a small classic Louis Vuitton bag and black platform. So chic!

Well this aside, we will have a "Club Day" at our university this evening and there will be free food so I'm excited lol. And me and Pon will both go to a Halloween party held by our school's culture club this Sat so it's gonna be cool and full of weird fashion and we will bring back something cool for you hehe. See you later!



  1. For heaven's sake, a sixteen year old uses a LV !(!?) I hope that is a fake one.

  2. To be perfectly honest I don't really care. Fake or authentic, so what? People have different backgrounds, so no live is the same is other, therefore noone can judge or anything. The point is she wore it well, for me it's enough :)