Friday, October 5, 2012

See through

Jani - 23 - Photographer

When I first started this blog, a question struck me: "What is the criteria? What am I actually looking for?". And this is my answer for you all: I don't seek for pretty clothes or pretty faces, I am looking for personalities which are shown fearlessly through personal style.  For me, those who have the strength to be who they are, are the strongest of all.

The guy above is one of those strong ones. Well, who else dare to wear a see through top like that? I bet that he had received a few weird glances from passengers. But nah, why dress for others when you live your own life? The mix is strange (in a good way~), I feel like each item has its own talk, none is weaker than the other. And they were combined with each other, and became a very fierce outfit :-)


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