Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Night of living dead

As promised, here comes the Halloween post! Halloween in Vietnam is kinda different from other countries I guess, since it's not our traditional holiday. We don't do trick or treat and not everyone dress up as other characters. It's more like a fun, creepy day for us to dress a little bit more Goth and Grunge and Black. You can see it very clear through our photos :D Those are photos we took when we went to a Halloween  party last weekend called "The Night of Living Dead". And on Sunday I went to The Garden Mall and saw many people cosplay-ing and dressing like zombie and such, too bad I didn't bring my camera that day :( It was really cool walking around the mall and saw Naruto or any other anime character with fantastic clothes walking to you, buying bread and all haha.

I also have a Fall Inspiration post in the draft, haven't finished it yet though :( Will try to post it asap! In the mean time, enjoy some of our Vietnamese Halloween!
Cool heels <3 But unbearable pain haha
Cutest Snow White Everrrr
There is a dress code for Halloween: Everyone wears BLACK!

Interesting mix


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