Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friendship bracelets

Thuy - 23 - "I love SA" owner

I was not that surprise when Thuy told us she was the owner of "I love SA" (a quite popular shop in Hanoi). I mean, yeah look at her, with cool style like that, she's definitely something! Her checkered shirt matched really well with those shorts: the colour and the pattern blend well with each other. Yet my most favourite thing about her outfit was those stack of bracelets around her ankle. Personally I really really love friendship bracelets like those, they are always so colorful and cute, and it's never hurt to add moreeee! And you can make it yourself too (well not for someone as clumsy as me...), so they are really cheap :')

Anw, Halloween is coming soon! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Vietnam though. But maybe some clubs in our university will do something, a party, or well, anything! Or even if they don't, I will wear something and freak everyone out haha. What are you going to where in Halloween?


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