Friday, October 12, 2012

Miss Complicated

Van - 22 - Student

Hi all ~

This week has gone in a blink and we will start the semester next week. Gosh I'm not ready to come back that soon :(

Anw this is today's outfit. Seems like Pon had a mini photo trip and brought back some really interesting style for me. Like this girl above. She was wearing a long black dress (or may I call it maxi dress?) with huge text-print on the front, sleeveless denim jacket, cap with matching colour, and Dr.Marten boots. I always like how girls these days don't really belong to any specific "type", you know, like you have to be only girly OR tough OR grunge etc. We girls refuse to be defined simply like that (feminism is calling)! Like in the mix above, she can be sporty, girly, cute and tough at the same time, how cool is that? =)

Lovely weekend people x

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