Sunday, October 21, 2012

Similar and Different

Dung - 19 

Nguyên - 23

So as I have said on our Facebook, Pon and I spent the whole yesterday afternoon hunting for style ~ It was Vietnamese Women's day, so every places were packed with flowers, couples and extra-feminine-girls (you know, in days like this, girls will dress up to emphasize their girly, softer sides). It's like everyone around you was wearing pretty dresses. It's not that I don't like dresses, but well, how can I put it.. like seeing many stuff of the same kind at once, and you will feel like nothing is special anymore (does it even make sense?..)

Therefore I was kinda thrilled when I see those girls above, dressing all tomboy and cool! And can you see the coincidence here? They both wore layers with the same checkered shirts/ blazer! I didn't notice this until I came home and looked through the photos. One same piece, but they managed to pull off different vibes. See, I told you style present personality very well :)

Let's go in detail about the clothes. Dung wore a graphic shirt, checkered blazer and pretty cool jeans with Vans. It's really simple and easy but it works! I like how it was not too casual by adding blazer, but also ultra comfortable with Vans and simple jeans. Also a little bit fun with the T-shirts (she was like: "What about my T-shirt? It's a Super Junior T-shirt! Can you photograph it?" Haha cute)

Nguyen pulled off a more dramatic look with her red (?) skinny jeans (with a peek of leopard pattern) and black boots. She kept it balance with simple top and a small packback. I always like it when the outfit was balance (not too loud, not too simple etc..) ~ But maybe sometimes I will break the rules and do something "more is more" like the legendary Anna Piaggi (no it's not a joke, she really was a legend)

Anw the weather is lovely today! Good day people ~
Khoai x


  1. So who are these people? Were they either your friends or just the ones you ran into on your away?

    1. It's a streetstyle blog! Of course I have to go seek for them :)) Basically we go somewhere once a week, see if anyone have great style, ask them for photos and then write about them in our blog :)