Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cozy breezy

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I have been meaning to do a biggg post about Fall Inspiration and Halloween outfits, but that's for tomorrow (It's Halloween guysss , are you excited?). And so this is some outfits left from our shoot last week

 Pon - 20 - Student

Her outfit was simple: blue polo shirt, beige jeans. But I really like the detail on her belt! How many people here put thoughts in belt? I only have one belt and have never thought of investing on it. This really did change my mind. And the color matchs the brown, warm tone of her bag, jeans and sandals. So guys, more tips on boring, simple outfit: add something interesting, like belt!

Tung - 24

We met this guy when we were doing some window shopping at some shops around the Church. He was the shopkeeper there I guess (I have forgotten the name of the shop though :( It's Midori something I guess..). He was wearing, as you can see, a striped shirt, blue vest and jeans, very simple, comfortable and preppy. But the interesting part was his shoes, they are hand-made by leather (like all other shoes in the shop)! So the quality is great and the fact that they are "hand-made" just make it much more special =)

End of today's post, just some easy breezy outfit for your casual fall season (YES I'm enjoying fall here in Hanoi woo hoo). Prepare for the Halloween post though hehe

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