Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tartan peek

Taken by Pon
Khoai - 19 - Student

Recently I have a habit of destroying my clothes, like cutting and ripping and stuff... But well, works for me, since I have too many boring, plain stuff, making some changes would be good (Not really, one pair of old jeans have gone to heaven). That pair of leggings (?) above is one of my genius creation haha. Weeks ago I found myself drooling over ripped jeans from streetstyle photos in Fashion Week, so I decided to give it a try. The result was, meh, not as I imagined; but it was refreshing for me, like having some brand new things =)

I mixed those leggings with a white t-shirt, old boots and school bag. But then I still felt like it lacked of something fun, so I tied a tartan shirt around my waist. I have always loveeee tartan pattern, maybe from the influence of Vivienne Westwood clothing in Nana (Have you read it? Have you read it??? Best manga ever!!!). And since it gave me some rock&roll feeling, I added a ring-necklace which you can't see very well in here. It's like consist of 5-6 rings: rose one, cross one, etc, very cool =)

That's for now. Don't know why I suddenly feel like writting about myself..


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  1. Very brave (!?) but it's worth taking some risk.