Monday, October 15, 2012

The wind is calling

Ly - 20 - Student

Sorry I have been quite lazy lately :( Just come back from my first day of the new semester, everything was nice and fresh ~ The first day of the semester is the chance to catch up with friends, get excited (or not) about new courses, new lectures... And you can have new stuff hehe: books, notebooks, pens etc (university students still love shopping for new learning supplies you know..) I got to chat with some old and new friends, got a present (are you reading this? thankssss i love it!) and then had a meeting with my club. It was a bit tiring, but still really great :)

Time for outfit! Pon and I were supposed to meet and have a photoshoot last week, but I couldn't make it and now we are running out of new photos :( This was from Pon's photo trip (the same with last post). She was wearing an oversize shirt, tucked in the trending-studded-shorts; which created a contrast effect: flowy, soft on top (with the girly touch of that headband) and tough, funky with the lower part. Really cute eh?

Have a nice week y'all


  1. I absolutely love the outfit! xx

  2. Very pretty! I love this outfit, particularly the short!

    Kisses from Paris